A party for Universal Coolers

February 25th, 2015

Dear unilaterally excellent inhabitants of the uncool earth,

Our new album — Universal Coolers — comes out today!

Not only does Universal Coolers contain our songs recorded to the best of our abilities, it gives you the opportunity to luxuriate in sumptuous benefits such as limited-edition blue vinyl and the chance to win a real Universal Coolers painting by Steve Keene (contest ends Friday 2/27). We know you have a soft spot for blue! And for Steve!

Listen to, look at, and spend money on Universal Coolers >>>

If you’ve already ordered: THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Your record will be shipped posthaste, via post, to your face.

The additional exciting party-type news is that this Friday, February 27th, we will celebrate the release of Universal Coolers at Shea Stadium in Brooklyn, NY with Life Size Maps, Doe, Left & Right, and Dead Stars. We play around 10pm.

Hoover in more info about the show >>>

Cool? We hope to see you there!


Listen to the album right here! Right now!



Watch our new video for “Cassette Brain”

February 11th, 2015

We made a new video!  Check out Spin’s premiere of it, or just watch it right here.

Our new album is Universal Coolers

January 15th, 2015

Universal Coolers


Dear Undisputed Champions,

We’re pleased to announce that we Radical Dads are continuing the time-tested and maybe somewhat shopworn musical tradition of putting out full-length albums. We’re about to release another one!


Universal Coolers will be released on February 24th by the outstanding Old Flame Records. If this news gives you all kinds of ants in your pants, we have two options for you:


You can pre-order Universal Coolers on very special and limited blue vinyl.


You can listen to the first single, “Don’t Go.”


You can also do both. We can’t help you with the ants, though.

The artwork for Universal Coolers was made by Steve Keene, an artist who has made things for illustrious acts such as Pavement and The Apples in Stereo, and so we were very personally shocked that he agreed to help us. Even more stunning is that he made a whole bunch of paintings for us, but we could use only some of them for the album. So we want to give the other Steve Keene paintings to you!

Every distinguished human who pre-orders Universal Coolers between now and February 24 will be entered into a secret amateur sweepstakes drawing conducted by us, and three purchasers will be selected to receive Steve Keene Universal Coolers paintings! Winners will receive their paintings when we ship out the records.

We’ll probably have more news soon, about shows and suchforth, and maybe some scattered thoughts on the state of art in America. Whatever you think about art, or America, please don’t forget to pre-order and/or listen!



October 21st, 2014

Will the band/LLC Radical Dads be playing at NYC’s storied CMJ Music Marathon in 2014?
Yes, the band/LLC will be! Thank you for your interest!

On what dates will the band be playing? Be specific!
Thanks for your question! The first date on which the band will be playing music for the legendary CMJ Musical Marathon is the date of October 22, 2014, at 7pm at Pianos Upstairs. It is entirely free. The second date on which the band will be playing (music, again) for the hallowed Music Marathon put on by CMJ is October 25, 2014 at 9pm at Leftfield. It is free with a badge from the famous CMJ Marathon, or $8 without. Again, great question.

Is it possible that both of these shows are taking place in/on New York City’s world-renowned Lower East Side?
It is entirely possible, and thanks for asking — we really appreciate it.

If I come to these shows, i.e., if I am in the crowd and/or part of the audience, what other illustrious NYC bands might I encounter, visually and also audibly?
Dead Stars, Shark?, The Teen Age, EULA, Lost Boy?, U2, Green Day, Coldplay, and the list goes on. Please let us know if we can help in any other way.

Are there links I can click on, yes or no?

Next question: what are the links?
Wednesday link for clicking upon >
Saturday link that begs you to do the dirty deed of clicking >

So does the marathon go through all five boros? Where is the best place to stand in order to cheer and ring this here cowbell?
Such a thoughtful question! Let us tell you that yes, the five boros, yes, every single one, from the top to the bottom, from Southern Albany down to Northern Boca Raton, every nook and every cranny of every boro. And as for standing, what a solid question, and as regards the cowbell, we were hoping someone would ask, we have to recommend: at the front. The very front of it all.





Bonus question: Are there any new releases by the band/LLC that I should know about?
We were pretty sure the questions were over but WOW! Thank you! Yes, we have a new tape called “Cassette Brain,” consisting of four songs, now available on Old Flame Records. It is a real cassette.

Listen and buy please >



Cassette Brain

October 8th, 2014

Your cassette brain can’t be recorded over

October 4th, 2014

Dearest frontal lobes,

Due to heavy mind fog we almost forgot to send you this very important communication about what’s happening this weekend, which would have been a certified bummer due to the fact that we enjoy corresponding with you, partly because it’s a welcome breather from writing futile missives to leading amplifier manufacturers requesting that they design for us a pro model that is both loud (for your ears) and light (for our backs).

And so the important thing is that tonight, Saturday, October 4th, we are hosting a release party for our new cassette, redundantly named “Cassette Brain,” at Muchmore’s in Brooklyn. Joining us are The Suzan, Red Sneakers (from Japan!!!), and Quiet Down.
All info, all details >>>

We will gladly and greedily sell you our new tape at the show, but if you cannot attend for whatever sketchy reason, you can also buy it here >>>

Thanks for your support as we hide among the clouds of this mental weather. Also do let us know your thoughts on the pro model. We’re thinking red knobs. Red knobs are the coolest, right?




Listen to our new song “In The Water”

September 22nd, 2014

Big thanks to Impose Magazine for premiering it.

Obtain our tape

September 17th, 2014


Hello fans of sports,

It’s that time again! The latest American football season has like a reluctant testicle finally descended and we are so pleased that grown men are once again crunching each other’s brains to bits before berating each other in the locker room, all just a warm-up for the nefarious acts committed during personal free moments.

Just kidding! It’s actually a different time! Time for a new music release! We have for your consideration a NEW TAPE called Cassette Brain, released on Old Flame Records. It contains four new songs, three old pictures, and it’s just four bucks. Obtain the tape now >>>

To hear a song from this tape, specifically the song “In The Water,” go to Impose Magazine >>>

To hear us play songs from the tape, come to Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn this Saturday 9/20. We will submit a raw and unhinged performance on account of the night being the release party for the new album by Backwords, a band whose jangle, soul, and lilt are a satisfying rejoinder to this autumn of endorsed brutality. We’re on at 9pm.

Address complaints and reserve a thing here >>>

We hope to see you in the stands! Just kidding there are no stands! But you should still make a funny sign and maybe you’ll be on TV! Just kidding there will be no TV cameras there! But all kidding aside make sure to buy our new tape!



Snacky Tunes Radio comp Volume 5

August 24th, 2014


A live version of “Slammer” is on Snacky Tunes Radio comp Volume 5! Also, there are exxxclusive live jams from our buddies Dead Stars, Au Revoir Simone and the super slicey, The Pizza Underground. Check it out here:

All right all right all right

August 21st, 2014

Dear peopled vessels,

So this is yet another one of those emails that exhorts you to attend a particular thing with no regard for how tired you are, how many nights you’ve already been out this week, and how sometimes what you really need is a quiet evening at home with a glass of Pinot in your hand and a heating pad draped over your face.

And so knowing you probably receive quite a few of these emails every week (hopefully not from too many other bands because it seems like things are going pretty well between us and we were thinking of inviting your parents over for Thanksgiving this year), we just want to say “It’s OK.” If you can’t come. If you can’t make it. If you’d really like to, but, you know.

The fact of the matter is, we’re just glad to have someone to write to. The music is secondary at this point. Firstmost is the socializing. The fact that we even have people to socialize with. It’s not the music. It’s not the art. The achievement in our opinion is in having someone who owns a shoulder and who permits us to cry upon it. And right now the crying is to this particular end:

This Sunday (8/24) we are playing a show at Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn, NY. The Williamsburg part of it. We are playing with SW/MM/NG and LA Font, and we go on first, so around 8:30pm.

Click this hot-ass link to learn more >>

We hope to see you there, but as we mentioned, what truly matters is that you’re here now, allowing us to lay our heavy emotional shit on you. Thanks.