Some easy ways to avoid seeing us at the Mercury Lounge this Thursday
February 21st, 2012

Dear inhabitants of the serpentine pad,

One of the most common excuses for not coming to a Radical Dads show is “You’re playing too late and I’m quite old you know and I get tired easily and I need to be at my job at a certain time the next morning or else I’ll get weird looks and/or a demotion.” For our next show — this Thursday, February 23rd at the Mercury Lounge in NYC — that excuse will not hold water, nor any other type of liquid, because we are playing very early. 7:30pm? 8pm? As we all know, time is neither uniform nor absolute. So here are some other excuses you might want to consider for this week:

+ It’s your friend’s birthday and you’re going to dinner uptown, which isn’t your top choice, but hey it’s your friend’s night

+ You’d love to make it, but you probably (well, definitely) have to work late

+ You’ve been out like five nights in a row and what you really need is a quiet evening at home with some Pinot and a few chapters of Malcolm Gladwell

If none of these excuses meet your needs, tap into your creative side — that’s what your MFA is for, right? Also please note: This show is presented by Arts & Crafts, and we’re playing with Zeus, Eight and a Half, and Gold & Youth. It costs $12, or $10 if you pony up in advance.

We hope to see you there!

Flux = rad