Four critical pieces of information to put inside your brainpan
March 5th, 2012

Dear Professional Phrenologists,

I. We have a new music film for “Hurricane”
Paola Suhonen of super-cool fashion house Ivana Helsinki made a lovely music film for our song “Hurricane.” She used found film footage and other amazing analog materials, and the result is like a shiatsu massage for your optic nerves. The film premiered today on Stylecaster.  You can also watch it right here:


II. We’re playing a show at Shea Stadium on Thursday

Yes, it’s that Shea Stadium, and we’re taking the field with BITCHES, Street Gnar, and Newport Reds. We’ll be warming up in the on-deck circle around 9:45pm. Please note this will be your stereotypical loud RD performance. Click buttons on Facebook >

III. We’re throwing a “Hurricane” premiere party with Ivana Helsinki on Friday

And you are all invited! See the aforementioned music film projected onto a wall, watch us play songs in an unusually quiet (but emotionally volatile) manner, listen to Scandinavian slow jams selected by DJ Annie Hart of Au Revoir Simone, and try on numerous fancy dresses. The party is at the Ivana Helsinki store at 251 Elizabeth Street in NYC. 8-10pm. FREE. RSVP yourself, dudes and lady dudes >

IV. We’re playing inside an art gallery on Saturday

It’s Arts Week in New York and we’re playing the closing party of First Truth, an exhibition at Camel Art Space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, curated by Uninhabitable Mansions co-founder Sara Jones. The party is from 6-10pm, there will be all-you-can-drink absinthe, and we play (again, somewhat quietly, although you know things are smoldering under the surface) around 8pm. What would we do without Facebook???

We hope to see you soon!