This weekend: America’s Two Best Cities Tour 2012 – Hartford and Brooklyn
July 13th, 2012

Dear practitioners of peregrination,

There’s no doubt about it — both Hartford, CT and Brooklyn, NY are the places to be right now! Both have so much to offer, including lots of food, roads, and homes. These incendiary hot spots have much in common, yet they also are very different. For example, while Brooklyn is doing the artisanal soda thing, its sister city Hartford is doing artisanal insurance like no other metropolis in the world. This weekend, we hope you will join us in celebrating two of our country’s finest repositories of culture:

Saturday, July 14 | Hartford, CT
Indiefest @ The Oak
21 Charter Oak Avenue, Hartford, CT
w/ Ovolv, Farewood, The Suicide Dolls
Just look at this smattering of data >

Sunday, July 15 | Brooklyn, NY
Big Snow Buffalo Lodge
89 Varet Street, Brooklyn, NY
w/ Disco Doom, Ovlov, Grass Is Green, Dead Stars
Presented by Exploding in Sound
So much visual information to process >

These far-flung terrains are simply crying out to have your body within them. PLEASE DO NOT DISAPPOINT.