Going for broken in Hoboken this Saturday
October 12th, 2012

Dear Frolickers in Elysian Fields,

Sometimes some people complain that some bands only play in some certain places. For example, like in New York City and in its stepsister city, Brooklyn. Which we freely admit is where we primarily play because that’s where all the big national banks and udder-to-table cheese ateliers are located. But this week we are breaking the bad habits and the mold and the tradition by taking a flyer on a town that serves the world’s most gigantic pizza slices: Hoboken, NJ.

We’re rowing across the river on Saturday, October 13, to play at Maxwell’s with HelloRadio and Birthwater and celebrate the release of HelloRadio’s new EP. And speaking of nü releases, did you know that we, Radical Dads, have a nouveau 7-inch recording called Torrential Zen?

We go on around 10pm and you can furnish yourself with tickets right here in this online spot. Maxwell’s is situated at 1039 Washington St. in Hoboken. Surf the Face with attitude >>>

We R hopin’ to C U in Hoboken.