RD @ CMJ — the anti-FML of 2K12
October 15th, 2012

Commanders of Muscular Jingoism,

This week in New York City all the cool indie bands are in thrall to CMJ, which is a festival of light put on by College Music Journal, which is a publication that people read. Like, on paper. Anyway, we’re playing three shows as part of this event, and those shows are these:

Thursday 10/18 – Big Snow Buffalo Lodge
w/ Caddywhompus, Sun Hotel, and Cool Serbia
RD on at 11pm
Click this now >>>

Saturday 10/20 – Dirty Laundry/Get Bent showcase at Pianos
w/ Har Mar Superstar, Eternal Summers, Sundelles, Shark?, and Squarehead
RD on at 8pm
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Saturday 10/20 (yes, 2 showz/1nite) – LPC presents CMJ at Legion Bar
w/ Gross Relations, Lost Boy?, The Hairs, I’m Turning Into, and Puppies!!!!!!!
RD on at 11pm
Seriously though, put your mouse here and click until your finger falls off >>>

Also important to know is that the first song on our new Torrential Zen quad-split 7-inch is now streaming online. It’s called “Unscreened” and it’s by The Fatty Acids. Jump into the stream with all your clothes on >>>>>>

See you at CMJ!