Listen to “Mountain Town” — the first song on Rapid Reality
March 6th, 2013


Rapid Reality is arriving in May! Look at that glorious cover art by Dana Schutz! Don’t you want to be where that lady is??? While listening to the first track of the album??? We can help with the latter, because you can hear the lead-off kickoff socks-off song, “Mountain Town,” right now. It’s on Consequence of Sound, or use the handy user interface below. As for getting where the lady is, have you tried transcendental meditation?



The whole tracklist is this:

1. Mountain Town
2. Pink Flag
3. Rapid Reality
4. Marine Layer
5. Hi Desert
6. Dust USA
7. Shackleton
8. Stampede
9. Go 45

We’ll give you more cool stuff soon in dribs and drabs, as industry protocol dictates.