All right all right all right
August 21st, 2014

Dear peopled vessels,

So this is yet another one of those emails that exhorts you to attend a particular thing with no regard for how tired you are, how many nights you’ve already been out this week, and how sometimes what you really need is a quiet evening at home with a glass of Pinot in your hand and a heating pad draped over your face.

And so knowing you probably receive quite a few of these emails every week (hopefully not from too many other bands because it seems like things are going pretty well between us and we were thinking of inviting your parents over for Thanksgiving this year), we just want to say “It’s OK.” If you can’t come. If you can’t make it. If you’d really like to, but, you know.

The fact of the matter is, we’re just glad to have someone to write to. The music is secondary at this point. Firstmost is the socializing. The fact that we even have people to socialize with. It’s not the music. It’s not the art. The achievement in our opinion is in having someone who owns a shoulder and who permits us to cry upon it. And right now the crying is to this particular end:

This Sunday (8/24) we are playing a show at Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn, NY. The Williamsburg part of it. We are playing with SW/MM/NG and LA Font, and we go on first, so around 8:30pm.

Click this hot-ass link to learn more >>

We hope to see you there, but as we mentioned, what truly matters is that you’re here now, allowing us to lay our heavy emotional shit on you. Thanks.