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September 17th, 2014


Hello fans of sports,

It’s that time again! The latest American football season has like a reluctant testicle finally descended and we are so pleased that grown men are once again crunching each other’s brains to bits before berating each other in the locker room, all just a warm-up for the nefarious acts committed during personal free moments.

Just kidding! It’s actually a different time! Time for a new music release! We have for your consideration a NEW TAPE called Cassette Brain, released on Old Flame Records. It contains four new songs, three old pictures, and it’s just four bucks. Obtain the tape now >>>

To hear a song from this tape, specifically the song “In The Water,” go to Impose Magazine >>>

To hear us play songs from the tape, come to Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn this Saturday 9/20. We will submit a raw and unhinged performance on account of the night being the release party for the new album by Backwords, a band whose jangle, soul, and lilt are a satisfying rejoinder to this autumn of endorsed brutality. We’re on at 9pm.

Address complaints and reserve a thing here >>>

We hope to see you in the stands! Just kidding there are no stands! But you should still make a funny sign and maybe you’ll be on TV! Just kidding there will be no TV cameras there! But all kidding aside make sure to buy our new tape!