Your cassette brain can’t be recorded over
October 4th, 2014

Dearest frontal lobes,

Due to heavy mind fog we almost forgot to send you this very important communication about what’s happening this weekend, which would have been a certified bummer due to the fact that we enjoy corresponding with you, partly because it’s a welcome breather from writing futile missives to leading amplifier manufacturers requesting that they design for us a pro model that is both loud (for your ears) and light (for our backs).

And so the important thing is that tonight, Saturday, October 4th, we are hosting a release party for our new cassette, redundantly named “Cassette Brain,” at Muchmore’s in Brooklyn. Joining us are The Suzan, Red Sneakers (from Japan!!!), and Quiet Down.
All info, all details >>>

We will gladly and greedily sell you our new tape at the show, but if you cannot attend for whatever sketchy reason, you can also buy it here >>>

Thanks for your support as we hide among the clouds of this mental weather. Also do let us know your thoughts on the pro model. We’re thinking red knobs. Red knobs are the coolest, right?