October 21st, 2014

Will the band/LLC Radical Dads be playing at NYC’s storied CMJ Music Marathon in 2014?
Yes, the band/LLC will be! Thank you for your interest!

On what dates will the band be playing? Be specific!
Thanks for your question! The first date on which the band will be playing music for the legendary CMJ Musical Marathon is the date of October 22, 2014, at 7pm at Pianos Upstairs. It is entirely free. The second date on which the band will be playing (music, again) for the hallowed Music Marathon put on by CMJ is October 25, 2014 at 9pm at Leftfield. It is free with a badge from the famous CMJ Marathon, or $8 without. Again, great question.

Is it possible that both of these shows are taking place in/on New York City’s world-renowned Lower East Side?
It is entirely possible, and thanks for asking — we really appreciate it.

If I come to these shows, i.e., if I am in the crowd and/or part of the audience, what other illustrious NYC bands might I encounter, visually and also audibly?
Dead Stars, Shark?, The Teen Age, EULA, Lost Boy?, U2, Green Day, Coldplay, and the list goes on. Please let us know if we can help in any other way.

Are there links I can click on, yes or no?

Next question: what are the links?
Wednesday link for clicking upon >
Saturday link that begs you to do the dirty deed of clicking >

So does the marathon go through all five boros? Where is the best place to stand in order to cheer and ring this here cowbell?
Such a thoughtful question! Let us tell you that yes, the five boros, yes, every single one, from the top to the bottom, from Southern Albany down to Northern Boca Raton, every nook and every cranny of every boro. And as for standing, what a solid question, and as regards the cowbell, we were hoping someone would ask, we have to recommend: at the front. The very front of it all.





Bonus question: Are there any new releases by the band/LLC that I should know about?
We were pretty sure the questions were over but WOW! Thank you! Yes, we have a new tape called “Cassette Brain,” consisting of four songs, now available on Old Flame Records. It is a real cassette.

Listen and buy please >