Our new album is Universal Coolers
January 15th, 2015

Universal Coolers


Dear Undisputed Champions,

We’re pleased to announce that we Radical Dads are continuing the time-tested and maybe somewhat shopworn musical tradition of putting out full-length albums. We’re about to release another one!


Universal Coolers will be released on February 24th by the outstanding Old Flame Records. If this news gives you all kinds of ants in your pants, we have two options for you:


You can pre-order Universal Coolers on very special and limited blue vinyl.


You can listen to the first single, “Don’t Go.”


You can also do both. We can’t help you with the ants, though.

The artwork for Universal Coolers was made by Steve Keene, an artist who has made things for illustrious acts such as Pavement and The Apples in Stereo, and so we were very personally shocked that he agreed to help us. Even more stunning is that he made a whole bunch of paintings for us, but we could use only some of them for the album. So we want to give the other Steve Keene paintings to you!

Every distinguished human who pre-orders Universal Coolers between now and February 24 will be entered into a secret amateur sweepstakes drawing conducted by us, and three purchasers will be selected to receive Steve Keene Universal Coolers paintings! Winners will receive their paintings when we ship out the records.

We’ll probably have more news soon, about shows and suchforth, and maybe some scattered thoughts on the state of art in America. Whatever you think about art, or America, please don’t forget to pre-order and/or listen!