A party for Universal Coolers
February 25th, 2015

Dear unilaterally excellent inhabitants of the uncool earth,

Our new album — Universal Coolers — comes out today!

Not only does Universal Coolers contain our songs recorded to the best of our abilities, it gives you the opportunity to luxuriate in sumptuous benefits such as limited-edition blue vinyl and the chance to win a real Universal Coolers painting by Steve Keene (contest ends Friday 2/27). We know you have a soft spot for blue! And for Steve!

Listen to, look at, and spend money on Universal Coolers >>>

If you’ve already ordered: THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Your record will be shipped posthaste, via post, to your face.

The additional exciting party-type news is that this Friday, February 27th, we will celebrate the release of Universal Coolers at Shea Stadium in Brooklyn, NY with Life Size Maps, Doe, Left & Right, and Dead Stars. We play around 10pm.

Hoover in more info about the show >>>

Cool? We hope to see you there!


Listen to the album right here! Right now!