Some thoughts on evolution and Radical Dads at Union Pool tomorrow night
March 9th, 2011

Dearest Dadlings,

It’s been over a week since last we spoke, and many things have happened since then. Banners have been unfurled and ignored. Croquet games have been started, and a few of them finished. Petticoats and knickers have been hastily removed and flung to the obscure corners of dusky rooms.

Another thing that happened is the rich tradition of rock ‘n roll music has continued to evolve, leaving lesser forms to the whims of natural selection. To experience the latest manifestation of what many term a cornerstone of modern biology, please come see us tomorrow night (Thursday, 3/10) at Union Pool in Brooklyn.

We are playing with two other robust organisms, Purling Hiss and Night Manager. The show starts at 8pm and Radical Dads are on promptly at 9pm. Bring your love of genetic drift and your earplugs.

Radical Dads