A few words about Radical Dads at Death by Audio tomorrow night
February 25th, 2011

Hellooooo again,

Ok, so three emails to you in one week is a little ridiculous, and frankly, we feel pretty bad about it. You probably already get a lot of emails from people such as your actual dad and your boss and the Vampire Weekend mailing list you signed up for one time in order to get that free song and now you’re too lazy to unsubscribe.

But on the other hand, we figure some of you may feel it’s nice to receive personal handwritten correspondence — it reminds you of the good old days — especially on a Friday night when you’re just screwing around online and all the real work for the week has been shuffled to the back of your brain.

We understand we came off perhaps slightly testy in our last email, and we want to apologize for that because, well, it’s been a long week at the old chord factory, and we’ve been working hard to develop new ones, some that require us to play the seventh note with our noses. (That’s a little guitar humor for all you shredders out there.)

Also: we want to take time to thank those of you who took your own time to write to us and explain your situation, how you couldn’t make it to our last show because you live in England (as if that were an excuse), or how we should play at a time when respectable people are awake.

The good news is that this weekend, specifically TOMORROWSaturday 2/26, we are playing a show on the “earlier side,” specifically around 9pm. It’s happening at a place called Death by Audio, which despite the name is actually quite life-affirming. And the biggest incentive of all is that we’re playing with other excellent recording artists such as Little Gold, Bird Names, and The Hairs.

Death by Audio is located at 49 South Second St in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. We really hope you can make it.

Sincerest regards,