Double radness: two shows this week
February 22nd, 2011

Hello and hi there,

If we were to tell you that we are playing not just one rock show this week, but two rock shows, both in the span of 60 hours, and both with awesome bands, you’d probably think we’d “lost it” or “went off our rockers” or that we were totally kidding you, perhaps solely to amuse ourselves.

Well, let me assure you, we haven’t lost anything. We are still firmly perched upon our rockers. And we are not really into kidding or jokes. Two shows, one week. This is really happening, it’s not some nightmare you can’t wake up from.

Show #1 – Thursday, February 24th - Silent Barn
w/ Diehard, Quilty, Mala Strana, Ovlov (Rad Dads on at 1am)
915 Wyckoff Ave, Ridgewood/Bushwick, NY

Show #2 – Saturday, February 26th - Death by Audio
w/ Little Gold, The Hairs, Bird Names (Rad Dads on at 9pm)
49 South Second St, Williamsburg, BK

Yes, we know Show #1 is extremely late, and you have a job. But so do we!

We hope to see you at one or both of these events!