Experience the Holidad Radtacular next week at Webster Hall
November 29th, 2011

We know you are likely recovering from a shopping bender of Homeric proportions, but if you purchase just one more object this year, perhaps it should be a ticket to our next show — the Radical Dads Holidad Radtacular — taking place next Wednesday, December 7th, at Webster Hall in New York City.

You’ve seen us play in dingy clubs that smell like bleach; now’s your chance to cross one more thing off your bucket list and see us play a tarted-up auditorium that smells like Matthew McConaughey. We’ll be accompanied by a 92-piece children’s orchestra, a flock or herd or gaggle or whatever it’s called of reindeer, 12 retired Rockettes who still got the moves, and an aging castrato ready for his final curtain call.

Also appearing live onstage during the Holidad Radtacular will be Clap Your Hands Say Yeah [sic] and Waters, who may or may not be the actual John Waters. You decide.

According to the numbers guys we keep on retainer, there are not many tickets left, so we kindly exhort you to secure your tickets now >>>