Two new records, one new song, two more shows
December 13th, 2011

We have a lot of stuff to talk to you about, like for example are you ever going to stop smoking and find religion and talk some sense into your sister and finish The Corrections and get married and give us some adorable grandkids? And also these things:

The Skateboard Bulldog 7-inch is out today
Our new 7-inch is available now! It’s about exactly what it sounds like it’s about: a genetically malformed canine that shreds its brains out. Open up your kind wallet >

Listen to our new song called “Know-It-All”
This semi-newish song is the B-side on Skateboard Bulldog. If you know how to count, you’ll dig this. Jam a free download >

Or listen right here:
Know-It-All by RadicalDads

The Mega Rama vinyl LP is out today
Mega Rama charts the life story of Meg A. Ra, M.A., the master’s degree-toting lovechild of Meg Ryan and Sun Ra. It’s also our first album, available now on wax of the blackest variety thanks to Loud Baby Sounds. Snag it before it snags you >

We’re playing Cake Shop this Thursday, 12/15
We’re celebrating these manifold releases at Cake Shop this Thursday with Hilly Eye (ex-Titus Andronicus), EULA, and Libel. It’s the Whatever Blog’s holiday party, so wear your good cardigan, Kurt. 8 beans. We go on at 11pm. Do something on Facebook >

Here’s the poster:

We’re doing the Brooklyn Night Bazaar this Friday, 12/16
Eat food, buy locally hewn trinkets, and watch us butcher “Jingle Bell Rock” on Friday night at 149 Kent Ave in Williamsburg. We’re playing with Fucked Up, Dom, Big Troubles, Caged Animals, and the DJ versions of Frankie Rose and Bill Pearis. 10 bones, all ages, we go on at 7pm. Acquire thine tickets >

We hope you’ll buy our stuff and come see us play this week!