Radical Dads is a band that has come unstuck in time. The constituent parts are Robbie Guertin (Clap Your Hands Say Yeah), Lindsay Baker, and Chris Diken, who play drums, guitar, and another guitar, respectively. They first laid ears on each other in the ancient mythic age known as the late 1990s, and formed the band in the post-crash period of 2008. The band’s latest album was released halfway through vortex 2013. All of Radical Dads’ music exists in the present and is yours to keep.

The Radical Dads vinyl slab program includes “Rapid Reality” (2013) and “Mega Rama” (2011), along with the 7-inches “Torrential Zen” (2012), “Skateboard Bulldog” (2011), and “Recklessness” (2010).

“Creature Out” is the most recently occurring slab, also 7-inches in diameter. The release was recorded by Carlos Hernandez and Julian Fader at the Silent Barn in Brooklyn, NY. The B-side is a song called “Slammer,” which is about being locked up. The “Creature Out” 7-inch is being released by EAU Records on November 5th, 2013. EAU Records is run by artist Sam Martineau, who is also responsible for silkscreening, stenciling and collaging 300 handmade variations of the cover art.


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