Radical Dads on Saturday night, LIVE

February 20th, 2014

Dear fans, likers, followers, and commenters,

This Saturday night (2/22) we are fulfilling a lifelong dream and playing a LIVE show. It will take place at Pianos on the Lower East Side of New York, NY. Other bands on the bill include Overlord, The Pass, Calotype, and AK.

Because this is a special moment for us, representing the pinnacle of our career in terms of Saturday night LIVE shows, we are bringing in/out a lot of special guests, including Steve Martin (his 12th show with us, incredibly), Maya Rudolph on drums, and funny comedy legend Andy Samberg! (Joanna Newsom appearance NOT guaranteed, guys.)

We’re not sure if it (our experience as humans) is going to get any better than this, so we have to beseech you to be there (with your own human body in tow).

Link >>
Another link >>

Thanks again for all the likes and comments. Oh and hashtags!!!!!


2014-02-22 pianos

We haz DJ assignment!

February 11th, 2014


Tomorrow we will dust off our iPaws and LOL with the best of em as we dee jay the nite away for the Barfood Blowout at Pork Slope !!! Tasty treats to chow upon, Brooklyn Brewery to slurp down…this is what dreams are made of.


2014-02-11 BFBO


The Silence of the Barn

January 28th, 2014

Hello Clarice,

Do you remember that scene in The Silence of the Lambs when you, a young FBI cadet, visited Dr. Hannibal Lecter in the psychiatric prison and you started talking about about which band was a bigger influence on the Pixies — Hüsker Du or Peter, Paul, and Mary?

It was an interesting scene not only because of the way it forged a relationship between unforgettable characters (I can never forget you, Clarice), but for the way in which the music of Cannibal Corpse was so subtly employed in the background as a reference to both the subject matter of the film and the oftentimes grinding nature of human contact: the ways in which humans’ outsize personalities can sometimes push up against each other, causing each personality to be “shaved down” but also “incorporated” into the other personality.

Another interesting thing is how we, the band Radical Dads, will be playing a show at Silent Barn in Brooklyn, NY this Friday (1/31) for the 10th Annual Berfest with Aaron Maine (Porches), Poverty HollowBakedGrass Is Green, and Palehound. We play around 10:30pm.


From what we can tell, and using experience as a guide, it seems like it will be a fun night. So, Clarice, dust off your sense of adventure, grab your passion for heavy tuneage, and come out to see us!!!!


2014-01-31 berfest

Copyrad infringement #299

January 18th, 2014

copyRad infringement - Parks & Rec 1 copyRad infringement - Parks & Rec 2

Rad Dads on tape!

January 15th, 2014

ATTENTION: We have a song on a real and actual MIXTAPE! And this isn’t just any mixtape, this one was professionally curated by the awesome dudes at Dirty Laundry TV, and has been released by the venerable Lolipop Records.  This tape can be yours for just 6 bucks!  Order right HERE.

Dirty Laundry - cassette

One for the kids

December 10th, 2013

Outer children,

As a band whose music is meant exclusively for children, it has been difficult to play shows almost exclusively for adults. Very, very difficult. Adults have so many mature concerns that they can hardly forget about paying taxes while going to a music concert.Children, on the other hand, enjoy dancing and writing books with titles such as “Scary Feet” and “I Wish My Room Was Made Of Chocolate Bricks.” They are the essence of creativity unleashed (unless the child is the kind that wears a leash for safety).

So we are pleased to report that the good smiling god-dog named Fortune has smiled down upon us and given us a chance to play a show just for kids this Sunday!!!

That show, the kids show, is happening this Sunday, December 15th, at 11am at the (in)famous Brooklyn Bowl music venue / bowling alley in Brooklyn, NY. The show is presented by Kidrockers, the band Small Black is also on the bill, and it will be fun for all ages, from 1 to 92. (Those aged 93+, please contact us for alternate concert location.)

If you want to get tickets, that’s PERFECT. Because we have the ticket link.

OK! That’s it! Go back to your lives now, and stop a-dallying with the e-messages. We hope to see you on Sunday, dear sweet children and sweet innocent childlike adults.



2013-12-15 Kidrockers

Oh, by the way

November 22nd, 2013

We forgot to tell you!

We’re playing a show tomorrow night, which is Saturday night, which is November 23rd, 2013, at Shea Stadium in Brooklyn, NY.

Other bands are playing, too. Their names are Porches, Sirs, Shark?, and Carmen.

We’re on first at 8pm or thereabouts.

A panoply of details may be discovered at this web address.

We’ll be selling our new 7-inch, Creature Out, and also playing songs — a live, intimate performance.

We’ll probably be drinking beers, because the beers at Shea Stadium are affordable.

The bathrooms at Shea Stadium are awesome. You are going to love them.

Have you ever had one of those moments where you’re typing an email and wondering if it will be included in “The Collected Correspondence of [YOUR NAME]“?

We’ve never had that experience, just wondering if you’ve had it.

Just asking. Just making small talk.

Oh, wow, today is the 50th anniversary of that JFK thing. Makes you think, doesn’t it. I mean, it makes us think, “Don’t play Dallas!” Haha just kidding. Dallas seems all right. So. Anyway.

Sometimes music can be a panacea for all that is wrong in the world.

See you tomorrow, pals.



2013-11-23 shea stadium

Creature Out: A 7-inch for smart investors

November 5th, 2013

Dear stakeholders,

We are excited to tell you about a new investment opportunity with Radical Dads (Ad)venture Capital. You know we are always looking at new financial instruments to help you achieve “your number” and your dreams, and this latest release is designed specifically for dreamers — those looking to invest just a little up front but make A LOT on the back end.

“Creature Out,” released by EAU Records, is a new, now available 7-inch featuring two high-yield funds:

Side A: “Creature Out” (8.387%)
Side B: “Slammer” (9.2911111%)

Listen / buy >>>

The songs were written explicitly to MAKE YOU MONEY by leveraging upward-trending vehicles and listening for the sweet clarion call that the best hedge firms await: BUY BUY BUY

And you really should BUY BUY BUY our new 7-inch, because we have recently read up on the law of supply and demand and as such EAU Records is making only 300 of these hot revenue properties available.

And if that is not enough to make you reach for your billfold, every 7-inch is one of a kind because EAU Records proprietor Sam Martineau has made all of the art by hand, using techniques like silkscreening and investment banking.

Finally, please note the vinyl is clear. As in, clear as your conscience when you make this ultra-safe investment.

It is a rare trifecta: Money, rarity, and safety.

You owe it to yourself and your family — invest now.

For in-person investment advice, please join us at one of our investment seminars this week in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York. Full details in the sidebar and below.



2013-11-10 DBA  full bill


October 14th, 2013

Fanatics of Music of All Ages (“Fans”),

CMJ Music Marathon is one of the world’s most important platforms for the discovery of new music. It is the Twitter IPO of new music discovery.

For five nonstop days and nights, CMJ features over 1,400 live performances in more than 80 of New York City’s greatest nightclubs and theaters. 1400 used to be a very good SAT score. 80 is still a B-.

CMJ also presents over 100 informative conference events with renowned speakers, an Entertainment Business Law Seminar and College Day, programmed especially for college and non-commercial radio programmers. If you are planning to go into Entertainment Business Law, or you go to College, we would like to talk to you. Please contact us.

With tons of new talent ready to take the stage, and the return of a few antiquated CMJ veterans, 2013 will be one for the books — the accounting books! Here’s what THE MUSIC BAND / LEGAL ENTITY RADICAL DADS is doing at CMJ this week:

Tuesday 10/15
Muchmore’s | 2 Havemeyer St. Brooklyn, NY
Campers’ Rule CMJ Showcase
w/ Hippy, Spirit Plate, Caged Animals, Norwegian Arms
[RD @ 9pm]

Thursday 10/17 
Muchmore’s | 2 Havemeyer St., Brooklyn, NY
Kramer Presents CMJ Showcase
w/ Haybaby, Napoleon, Life Size Maps, Zoo Animal
[RD @ 9pm]

Saturday 10/19
Bar Matchless | 557 Manhattan Ave. Brooklyn, NY
Heart Bleeds Radio Showcase
w/ My Teenage Stride, Duke Evers, The Brooklyn What, The Planes, Slothrust
[RD @ 10:30pm]

If you’d like to attend one of these very special events, make sure to bookmark your favorites and sync them to your phone or calendar. And please contact us.

2013-10-15 CMJ 1
2013-10-17 CMJ 2
2013-10-19 CMJ 3

Rad Dads in Magnet

October 14th, 2013

Radical Dads are featured in the latest issue of Magnet Magazine – our name is even on the cover on Yoko’s lapel! Grab a copy on newsstands now, or order one directly right here >>>


magnet magazine