Snacky Tunes Radio comp Volume 5

August 24th, 2014


A live version of “Slammer” is on Snacky Tunes Radio comp Volume 5! Also, there are exxxclusive live jams from our buddies Dead Stars, Au Revoir Simone and the super slicey, The Pizza Underground. Check it out here:

All right all right all right

August 21st, 2014

Dear peopled vessels,

So this is yet another one of those emails that exhorts you to attend a particular thing with no regard for how tired you are, how many nights you’ve already been out this week, and how sometimes what you really need is a quiet evening at home with a glass of Pinot in your hand and a heating pad draped over your face.

And so knowing you probably receive quite a few of these emails every week (hopefully not from too many other bands because it seems like things are going pretty well between us and we were thinking of inviting your parents over for Thanksgiving this year), we just want to say “It’s OK.” If you can’t come. If you can’t make it. If you’d really like to, but, you know.

The fact of the matter is, we’re just glad to have someone to write to. The music is secondary at this point. Firstmost is the socializing. The fact that we even have people to socialize with. It’s not the music. It’s not the art. The achievement in our opinion is in having someone who owns a shoulder and who permits us to cry upon it. And right now the crying is to this particular end:

This Sunday (8/24) we are playing a show at Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn, NY. The Williamsburg part of it. We are playing with SW/MM/NG and LA Font, and we go on first, so around 8:30pm.

Click this hot-ass link to learn more >>

We hope to see you there, but as we mentioned, what truly matters is that you’re here now, allowing us to lay our heavy emotional shit on you. Thanks.



July 20th, 2014

In this captivating video, catch glimpses of yachts, Chris’ Croakies, and Lindsay’s favorite Ovlov t-shirt. Baeblemusic, thanks for pushing us to come up with our band motto “Friends First. Bandmates Second.” and for the misty/mystical good times at the Brooklyn Half Marathon.

Fried clams

June 24th, 2014

Hey seafood lovers,

We are playing a show. Before you ask, there will not be fried clams at the show. But, if you look closely at the word “fried,” you may notice the letters “fri,” which indicate that the show is on a Friday. In fact, the show is this Friday, June 27.

As for the clams, well, it will cost you a few of them to get in. In addition, the show is at Muchmore’s in Brooklyn, which is interesting because clams are in fact much more delicious than other foods.

Also, for one night only, as a special bonus, we will refer our entire setlist as “a nice heavy bucket of fried clams.” And with bands such as Anchor 3, Shark?, and Vomitface also on the bill, the evening is sure to be a real clusterclam.

Read several details here >>>

We hope to see you there!



The Chris Gethard Show

June 8th, 2014

Whoa! We were lucky enough to be invited to play on The Chris Gethard Show! Super fun times. Watch the whole episode here:

And here’s a clip of us playing “Know-It-All”:

Run don’t walk

May 13th, 2014

Pounders of pavement,

There is this phenomenon called “long-distance running.” It seems painful. One time we ran to catch the subway and our shoes fell off. Anyway, people seem to be into it, and so along comes the Brooklyn Half Presented By New Balance (that’s its full name), which is half of an entire marathon taking place this weekend.

THIS THURSDAY 5/15 there is a Pre-Party Presented By New Balance (again, full name), and guess who’s coming to dinner, i.e., playing music at it, that’s right you guessed right, we are, because we love New Balance sneakers. So New Balance, if you are reading this, please give us free sneakers.

The show is a FREE ONE in a PICTURESQUE LOCATION, namely right on the Brooklyn waterfront atop one of those new piers that they turned into a playland for tan and chiseled folk. Pier 2, to be precise. We’re playing with Oberhofer and Chaos Chaos and we go on at 7:30PM.


We hope to see you there! Email us with questions! About anything!!!!


2014-05-15 bkhalf14_pre-party logo_smaller

Holy shirt

April 13th, 2014

Bare backs,

We at Radical Dads Fashion Brand have a new product for you to buy: it’s t-shirt!

Actually, it’s three t-shirts, which look like this:


The art was made by the inimitable Killer Acid and the shirts are very fine quality and comfy indeed. You can purchase them online and we will send them to you.    View merch >>>


New Video for “Dust USA”

April 6th, 2014

Made by Stephen Strupp.  Premiered at Noisey

Some shows, several places

March 26th, 2014

Montauk. Zanzibar. Ushuaia. Paris.

In the next week and half, the Radical Dads Live Music (And Comedy) Caravan will roll through not the aforementioned hamlets, but rather their likeminded and architecturally similar “fraternal twin cities”:

Easthampton (3/27) @ Flywheel Arts Collective
Jamaica Plain (3/29) @ shhhhhh
Philadelphia (4/5) @ Kung-Fu Necktie [upstairs]
Brooklyn (4/10) @ Death by Audio

The diversity of our planet is extensive, and so are the nomenclatures of the bands we are playing with. They include Grass Is Green, Krill, Blessed State, No Other, Jupiter Boys, Bunny’s A Swine, Hurry, and Black Wine.

If you’ve got a yen to wend through the world with us, now would be the time. Act! Act! For ye are the children and the earth is thine oyster!


Lent is radically baptismal

March 5th, 2014

Dearest congregant of cool people,

We made it! It’s the beginning of Lent, and it’s also Ash Wednesday. If you’re anything like us, which we assume you are because we have a very narrow view of things, you will spend today listening to the sweet sounds of the Northern Irish alternative rock band Ash, and also to the serrated sounds of the North Carolina alternative rock band Polvo, fronted by Ash Bowie (no relation).

We’re also planning ahead for Sunday (3/9), the most important day of the week, although maybe only of this week, because we’re playing a show on it. Some call Sunday ”the seventh day” but in this case, for us, it’s “the sickest day,” but sick in a positive sense, like the Michael Jacksonian “Bad” sense, because we’re on a siiiiiiick bill with BalkMt Warning, and Wool at Glasslands in Brooklyn, NY. So if today is Ash Wednesday (which it is), Sunday is Glass Sunday.

Celebrate / honor / give up cherished things for Lent with us:


Why do we put ashes on our foreheads?
Because we have simply run out of places to store the ashes.

Where do the ashes come from?
Mt. Vesuvius. They are kept in a Tupperware container at the Vatican, then microwaved for 40 days before Ash Wednesday.

When can I wash the ashes off?
After you work out at the gym tonight. Please keep the ashes on during your workout.

When is Fat Tuesday?
Yesterday. You missed it.

See you Sunday!


2014-03-09 glasslands2 web